Denver Nuggets : 88 : : Golden State Warriors : 92 — May 2, 2013 (GAME 6)

If Game 3 was marred with poor late game execution, then how the hell do you describe this?

The Warriors started the 4th up by 11, then went on another big run to start the quarter and pushed the lead to 18. They went the next five minutes without scoring and once the misses stopped, the turnovers wouldn’t as they almost fumbled this game away. The refs were letting some physical plays and strips go without a whistle, but the Warriors did just about everything they could to let the Nuggets back in the game. Denver responded well, but they didn’t build enough off of the lucky breaks they were getting. Andre Iguodala hit some big threes and they eventually had a chance to tie or win on the last possession, but in the end, all of their flaws caught up to them in a big way. They struggled to connect on threes (7-of-28, 25%), they struggled to hit free throws (13-of-21, 62%) and they struggled to score in half court sets and that is a hilarious amount of failed opportunities in what became a one possession game. Other than winning the turnover battle by a big margin, which says more about the Warriors anyway, they got totally outplayed. Just like almost every game in this series, Golden State set the terms and effectively controlled the outcome with their shooting. You’re in a really bad position if you’re hopes and dreams rest on those guys missing shots. The basketball gods gave the Nuggets a miracle (made up of many small miracles) and instead Denver used it to spread the word of Satan that fastbreak teams can’t cut it in the playoffs. I thought that they could have been the chosen one. Okay, maybe not a true contender, but certainly a team that could give one of them a run for their money and make us question whether a team that only scores in the paint can win big.

Alas, we now have to say goodbye to a 57-win team that came up lame in the playoffs, so there’s a bit of sadness, but also a lot of “good riddance.” The injuries to Danilo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried certainly hurt, but most people still believed they could take this series. I’m pretty disappointed, whether that’s because I wanted another Game 7 or I’m mad that my prediction was so far off (haha, I am dumb). It’s a bummer to see them go out like this, but they definitely earned it.

At the same time though, we’ve seen another really inexperienced and exciting team play some incredibly inspired basketball while making plenty of their own youthful mistakes. They probably won’t get away with many (if any) of the same things against San Antonio that they did against Denver, but they’re making it really hard to keep doubting them. #GoWarriors

Golden State Warriors win the series 4-2

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