Chicago Bulls : 91 : : Miami Heat : 94 — May 15, 2013 (GAME 5)

The last three games and the start to this one, which had the Bulls down 20-4 after six minutes, pretty much sealed that this would be a Bulls loss. Of course, they rallied back to take a 6-point lead at the half and stretched it to 8 after three quarters, which is so Bullsian, but you knew there was a big run coming from the Heat. It did, in the predictably Heatlesian way, and they took the lead with six minutes to go and never lost it, outscoring the Bulls 25-14 in the last period. The perfect capper to the series and their season was the Bulls getting possession of the ball, down three with about 26 seconds left, and then missing a pair of long threes with Jason Kidd-like inaccuracy, both of which they rebounded before time finally expired. So much energy and effort, so little execution and results sometimes. See you next year, Chicago Bulls. Get well soon.

The best thing for Miami though is probably Dwyane Wade’s play (18/5/6 with 2 steals and a block on 7-of-13 shooting), especially in the fourth quarter. Whether he needs rest or time to get in rhythm with his teammates again after limping through some mediocre performances, he’ll have it now because he and his team took care of business. Even with four straight wins to close the Bulls out, Miami has a lot to work on with their future matchups likely being against more top shelf defenses that don’t have their rotations in quite the same shambles as Chicago. Three-point shooting (6-of-21, 28.6%) and rebounding, a battle they lost 40-32, will have to improve because they can’t afford to leave points behind against teams that can do a good job of getting easy buckets against their front court. Rebounding has always been a bugaboo for Destiny’s Heat, but the shooting is something you can expect to come around. That’s why they have the roster that they do and why guys like Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis are still in the league. They’ll need LeBron James, Wade and even Chris Bosh (who should probably be passing instead of shooting as many threes as his brain tells him to, despite the fact that he hit a pair in this game) to get their good shooters open looks though or there’s no way that aspect of their game will improve enough. We know LeBron will do it, but Wade’s health and Bosh’s Boshiness remain question marks as the Heat are starting to look beatable. Going 45-3 in their last 48 games is considered “beatable,” right? It’s all relative.

Miami Heat win the series 4-1

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