Chicago Bulls : 80 : : Indiana Pacers : 97 — November 6, 2013

I agree with what George Karl said on ESPN after the game; the Pacers are just bigger, more physical, and better defensively than the Bulls are and as long as Derrick Rose continues to struggle (just over 31% shooting with more turnovers than assists so far this season), it’s going to be painfully clear.

Paul George didn’t have his best game, but 21/6/3 and stifling defense on the opponent’s best player is more than enough, especially with timely plays from the rest of the starters and an efficient bench performance that just wasn’t an option last year. The Pacers still aren’t above having an offensive meltdown (the Bulls outscored them 24-12 in the second), but just like the Spurs in Denver, they played their best in the fourth quarter and closed the game out in style.

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