New Orleans Pelicans : 95 : : Los Angeles Lakers : 116 — November 12, 2013

We should all be head coaches (or at least lead assistants) for the Los Angeles Lakers, because we all knew that Jordan Hill needed more minutes and when Mike D’Antoni gave him the starting nod against the Pelicans, we were all vindicated by his 21 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers and a block on 7-of-12 shooting. We are all super smart and unconceivably attractive, which is unrelated, but always relevant.

Of course, that performance came against a Pelicans team that continues to struggle stringing together quality possessions, but their front court of Anthony Davis and Jason Smith has been pretty great lately. Foul trouble kept Davis (15/5/2) from being his usual dynamic and disruptive self, but that shouldn’t diminish the Lakers 53-31 advantage on the glass or their 55.7% shooting from the field and 11-of-20 shooting from behind the arc because even in an empty gym, those numbers aren’t a guarantee for the Lakers.

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  • Posted: 13 November 2013